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GTO.Desktop is the tool to efficiently map all GIS/GEO-Processes of your organization. 

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The Principle

GTO.Desktop transforms complex and time-consuming GEO-tasks into simple and easy GTO-applications to accomplish day-to-day workload faster, more efficient, and with highest quality output. 
komplex to simple
from the complex... to the simple

The user never faced a clearer and more productive interface to guide him through his daily work and responsibilities. 


The Implementation

The GTO.Desktop is an extension to standard esri ArcGIS Desktop products.

GTO.Desktop Designer for GIS Experts
Experts develop easy to use applications for the GIS users, by using the simple graphical user interface of the GTO.Desktop Designer (no software development).
Easily build applications and workflows (application tree view)
Define map- and edit parameters and environment settings
Configure individual/customized tools
Define workflows based on an ordered selection of tools (macros)
Combine standard esri ArcGIS tools with own tools or third-party developments
Rapid and easy prototyping and central providing of the configurations (for multi-user and enterprise environments)
Flexibel and fully interative approach (start fast, adopt quickly, pivot)

GTO.Desktop Runtime for GIS Users
GIS Users enjoy a faster, more effcient, and of highest quality approach to achieve their GEO-tasks by using the applications deployed on GTO Runtime.
Easy to use/intuitive graphical user interfaces by representing the individual workflows in a simple tree-view
Easy documentation (individualized read-me’s or help text’s for each task)
Dynamic toolbars, map- and editor settings to fully support each step in the workflow (no need to consider the 100’s of configuration settings, reduction of errors, …)

The Advantages

90% reduction of time and cost during specification of GEO-tasks and GEO–apps
more than 90% savings during development and testing of GEO-apps
80% reduction in training times and efforts for GIS users which leads to high flexibility of users and increases the productivity of teams
75% reduction of complexity, time, and cost after deployment of the GEO-tasks and GEO-apps
GTO.Desktop supports reuse of ArcGIS Desktop commands & tools, any extensions, as well as customized tools (own or 3rd party), and even 3rd party applications

Let GTO.Desktop Designer and Runtime help your organization to

Specify and evaluate your GEO-tasks and –processes
Build your own customized solutions to accomplish your tasks
Safe Time and Cost
Work fast and intuitively
Reduce complexity
Increase productivity and efficiency
Increase quality of your data and information easily
Protect investments into existing software and systems
Lower your risks and have more fun

Let’s get control over your GEO-tasks and related responsibilities!
Get your GEO-job done!
Have Fun!
Test drive GTO.Desktop today!

An example

The following chart shows a comparison of mouse clicks for a typical workflow in ArcGIS for desktop. It counts all clicks necessary to start editing new features, including map and editor settings. With GTO.Desktop you save more and more clicks already from the second execution.
Make a few more clicks once, in order to save up to 90% of clicks.

The System Components

An ArcGIS Desktop extension, which allows GTO.Desktop configurations to be deployed and used
Runtime and Designer, integrated for design and usage on 1 individual ArcGIS Desktop (for small organizations or individual users)
The configuration components, to design workflows and deploy them on one or many runtimes

The Features

GTO.Desktop Features


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* GTO.Desktop requires ArcGIS for Desktop 10.6

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